My video is running slow, what should I do?

While there may be many factors that are unique to your computer system that affect performance, there are a few common tips to speed things up. First we recommend shutting down as many other applications as possible while running a session. Second, restarting your computer on a regular basis will help it to maintain performance. Third, check your internet connection using  You'll want to see a upload AND download speeds of greater than 4Mbps. The majority of US broadband services are between 2 mbps and 50 mbps so most people in the US with broadband internet service should be ok. Please note: when you are conducting sessions, it's important to make sure nobody else is using high bandwidth activities on a shared network (like watching Netflix). It is always preferable to connect physically to your internet connection, but if you do use wifi, make sure you are near your router with a strong signal. Your internet connection can be more than sufficient, but if you are too far from your router you will lose video quality.

If you are having connectivity issues, contact your service provider immediately so that they may resolve things for you.

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