How do I schedule a session?

To schedule a session, you have two options – "Schedule a Future Session" or "Start Session Now."

In either case, you will need to choose the client with whom you'll be meeting from the client dropdown menu. You will also be required in both cases to choose session duration. Don't worry if you go over the stated session duration, the session will continue uninterrupted. However, your client must enter the session before the session end time.

You'll also want to make sure that the pre-selected time zone reflects where you are in the world. If it does not, please select the appropriate time zone.

If you are going to schedule a future session, choose a date and start time as well. You can toggle between AM/PM by clicking.

If you would like to start a session immediately, choose "Start Session Now." Simply choose a client and duration. Note that you will be placed immediately into the session. If you would like to see the session pin (to communicate it by telephone to a client, for example), exit the session and you will see it displayed in your dashboard.

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